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n a land far to the west lay a continent called Murrarek, Scorched by a great fire caused by a meteor strike and prolonged for 500 years, laying waste to ancient tradition and a mighty unified orc empire. Out of the ashes, the proud race of orcs began rebuilding their once mighty empire while attempting to unify under one banner.
The Four Nations
hograth leads the proud Warrior Nation with unmatched strength across the lands that fights for fame, honor, and spoils. Meeting these foes in battle is a terrifying experience; due to their size and strength, one must be wary of triggering their Berserk ability. Once their bloodlust is awakened, it drives them to a battle-frenzy, making them immune to pain and ruthless in battle. While not particularly religious, Warrior Nation Orcs believe in incinerating their dead to reach the afterlife or their version of Valhalla.
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The Four Nations
race of orcs originating from the Southern plains, Hunzog leads the Blade Nation, who believe in strength through mobility, often rushing into battles outwitting and outmaneuvering their opponents. While not particularly strong, they make up in agility and speed. They are well known for being the first Orc Nation to initiate competitions in various orc traditional sports, such as hog tossing, ax throwing, orc racing, and other orc traditions. While not pacifists, these orcs have a more diplomatic nature but are not afraid to run headfirst into battle if forced at the wrong way.
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The Four Nations
riginating in the dark Swamps to the East, Hasarm leads the Shaman Orcs that practice magic which draws power from the natural world and the elements. Often spiritual guides of their communities, these influential practitioners communicate with the ancestors, seek to balance the raging elemental forces, and call upon them in a battle to scorch and blast their enemies or strengthen and heal their allies. Some may consider these Orcs to be cultists, as they have odd rituals, some of which require sacrificing to their gods, whether willing or unwilling.
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The Four Nations
he Goblin Burrows nation of Orcs is known for their crafty work and legacy burrows deep within the Frozen Peak mountains. Due to their smaller, less fearsome, and less socially evolved nature, Perzog leads orcs that rely on overwhelming their enemies with superior numbers and tricks. The Goblins are highly dexterous, allowing them to use bows with impressive accuracy. The goblins have little to no sense of morality, driven only by greed and spoils; these little orcs are not to be taken lightly as they strike with their ambush when least expected.
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